Be Prepared!

A sometimes overlooked part of independence is being prepared for the everyday — and the unexpected.

For links to emergency food, housing and utility and energy assistance, see our Resources page.

Economic disaster may be the most common calamity of all. Be sure to check out our Financial Preparedness page.

Personal Safety and Crime Prevention

  • The National Crime Prevention Council offers suggestions for preventing everything from cybercrime to ID theft; hate crime; home and neighborhood safety; and violent crime and personal safety.

Plan Ahead: Personal and Community Preparedness


  • Animal Emergency Preparedness:
    How to Keep Your Service Animals and Pets
    Safe in Natural and Manmade DisastersDisasters do not distinguish between animals and humans, but it is possible to prepare for your animals as well as for yourself. This online course provides information on how to keep service animals and pets safe in both natural and manmade disasters.The course is offered on KS-TRAIN, a free online learning resource for public health professionals. The course was created by the Research and Training Center on Independent Living at the University of Kansas.The hour-long course is appropriate for a wide audience, from professionals to pet owners, including:

    • Emergency responders
    • People with disabilities who use service animals or have pets
    • Professionals who provide services to people with disabilities, such as staff from centers for independent living and personal care attendants
    • Staff and volunteers of animal shelters
    • People who have pets or know others who have pets
  • Animal Emergency Preparedness explains the importance of disaster preparedness for service animals and pets and identifies the steps needed for disaster preparedness for service animals, dogs, cats and other small pets. It also describes what to expect after a disaster to avoid new dangers to service animals or pets and explain options for responsible volunteering when animal rescue or sheltering is needed after a disaster.To take the course, go to Kansas Train at and search for Animal Emergency Preparedness, course number 1025307. (If you are a first-time user, you will need to create a login name and password.)

County and Regional Emergency Management Agencies